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Oxford Crest and You


At an Oxford Crest village, living is easy.

It is also secure, comfortable, and very affordable.  Oxford Crest's villages are created and managed to provide all our residents, investors and business partners, peace of mind through every lifestyle change.

Let us help!

Everyday we see how happy people are that they've decided to move to Oxford Crest, and having walked alongside them, we know how challenging it can be to make the decision to move. 

To assist, we've created the following resources that can help clarify and guide you along your decision-making process:

  • Considering Your Choices - What options are there with seniors housing?  How do they compare?  We've listed our most frequently asked questions.
  • Village Checklist - What should I look for in a village?
  • How to Help Your Parents Move - We speak regularly with family members who are helping their parents evaluate their housing needs.  Here are some points to assist.
  • Making the Move - Once you've decided to move, here's a handy resource.

Affordable accommodation options

All Oxford Crest rental rates are carefully managed to be affordable whether for a single person or a married couple.
When you move into an Oxford Crest village, we ask that you maintain a 12 month fixed term tenancy arrangement, which provides a sense of security to both residents and investors.

Living at Oxford Crest is convenience-PLUS.

Oxford Crest provides residents with three essential opportunities:

  • The chance to enjoy quality accommodation - at an affordable price;
  • The freedom to choose company - or privacy; and
  • The convenience of having essential services provided.

The Oxford Crest team will also do whatever we can to ensure that you settle into your new unit and community as easily as possible.

Click here for more information on how Oxford Crest can service your needs.