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Oxford Crest and You


Village Checklist - Is This The Right Community For Me?

Choosing to move to a seniors community can be one of the biggest, most exciting choices you have ever made. But equally important is choosing a location and community that offers the right fit for you. One with services that complement and enhance your lifestyle and interests. In a location that suits your personal tastes and family preferences. And with a level of future financial security that satisfies your desire for peace of mind.

Finding a senior living community that fits will take research, time and careful consideration. We recommend visiting a variety of communities to get a sense for what feels best.

Comparing the tangible factors, such as living space, costs, etc., can be fairly straightforward. But comparing the intangibles, such as whether you find a community comfortable and welcoming, and how your furnishings would look in a particular unit, for example, is not always quite so easy.

Oxford Crest has developed a simple checklist to help you make an "apples -to-apples" comparison and to help you get a feel for whether a community may be right for you.


  • Is the community's immediate area attractive?  Yes / No
  • Does the community provide easy access to recreational opportunities?  Yes / No
  • Is the community convenient to shopping?  Yes / No
  • Is the community convenient to medical centres, churches and other services?  Yes / No
  • Is the community convenient to public transport?  Yes / No

Your Prospective Home

  • Does the community offer a variety of unit layouts?  Yes / No
  • Is there an available layout that is attractive to you?  Yes / No
  • Will your furnishings fit well in the style or layout of the unit?  Yes / No
  • Does the unit have a good aspect?  Yes / No
  • Does the unit have air conditioning?  Yes / No
  • Is the kitchen suitable to your needs?  Yes / No
  • Does the unit's finishes throughout (carpet, cabinets, fixtures, etc.) suit your tastes?  Yes / No
  • Would you feel proud to entertain family and friends in your home at the community?  Yes / No

Community Areas

  • Is the landscaping attractive and well maintained?  Yes / No
  • Is the architectural design aesthetically pleasing?  Yes / No
  • Is the decor in clubhouse areas tasteful?  Yes / No
  • Does the community have all the amenities that are important to you? 
    (for example, a comfortable dining room, a lounge, etc)  Yes / No
  • Are there attractive gathering areas (lounges, club rooms, etc.)?  Yes / No
  • Is it easy to get from your unit to community areas?  Yes / No
  • During your visit, did you see residents using the community areas?  Yes / No
  • Is this the right community for me?  Yes / No


  • Are the dining venues the types of places you would enjoy eating?  Yes / No
  • Are the menus varied and attractive?  Yes / No
  • Does the community offer healthy menu options?  Yes / No

Services and Programs

  • Does the community provide activities for residents?  Yes / No
  • Do you find scheduled activities that will be stimulating and of interest to you?  Yes / No
  • Are you comfortable with the quality of care provided?  Yes / No

The Staff

  • Did members of the staff smile and make eye contact with you?  Yes / No
  • Did the staff person who accompanied you know residents and staff by name?  Yes / No
  • Were you able to meet the top manager of the community?  Yes / No
  • Do staff members display a genuine commitment to residents and to their work?  Yes / No
  • Have staff members been with the community for a long period of time (if applicable)?  Yes / No
  • Do you feel a sense of hospitality and compassion throughout the community?  Yes / No
  • Did the staff person who accompanied you seem to have what's best for you in mind?  Yes / No

Your Prospective Neighbours

  • Are the residents friendly and outgoing?  Yes / No
  • Did you see activity (participation in programs and events, etc.) during your visit?  Yes / No
  • Were residents willing to talk and share their perspectives with you?  Yes / No
  • Do the residents seem to be people with interests similar to yours?  Yes / No


  • Will this community "feel" like home?  Yes / No
  • Do you get a strong sense of quality and attention to detail throughout the community?  Yes / No
  • Do you believe you would be happy living in this community?  Yes / No