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Oxford Crest and You


How Can I Make The Move To Oxford Crest As Smooth As Possible?

Moving to a new home may seem like an overwhelming task. Good organization can make it a worry-free experience.

Get ready to plan a smart move-the checklist.
To help make sure that your moving experience is organized and enjoyable, we have created this checklist of helpful tips and useful information for you.

1. Prepare your home for selling.
Homes that do not require much work are more enticing to most buyers. Some small items that can be done easily to make your home more appealing include:

  • Fresh paint on the walls
  • Newly cleaned carpet throughout
  • Tightened doorknobs, handrails, cabinet knobs, and switch and outlet plates
  • Deep cleaning of tile, cabinetry and plumbing fixtures

These are just a few suggestions; your real estate agent can help you with other ideas.

2. Find a real estate agent.
Remember the importance of handing this responsibility over to the most qualified and competent person to sell it for you. The agent who values your home the highest is certainly the most appealing, but may not necessarily be the best individual to sell your home.  It's important to price your home right.

3. List your home.
Ten percent of the agents at any given office produce 90 percent of the sales, so make sure you work with someone who has a proven track record. Successful agents give their clients an accurate assessment of their home's worth as well as the length of time it may take to sell-they do not promise their clients unrealistic results.

Price it right. Your real estate agent will be able to tell you what comparable homes in your area are selling for and help you determine the real market value of your property. Remember, the sale of any home is a function of timing and price. There are always buyers entering the market; if your home is priced competitively, it will sell more quickly, enabling you to move forward with your plans.

4. Scale down.
Decide what furnishings you want to bring to your new home. Here are some helpful criteria to use:

  • Bring those items that are especially important to you.
  • Get a scaled drawing of your apartment from your onsite manager. Measure the furniture that you plan to bring.
  • Pictures and accessories are generally easier to move than large pieces of furniture. If you are in doubt, bring the pieces you really enjoy and decide what to keep once all the furniture is arranged.  You can distribute the pictures and accessories around the home.
  • If you possess high-value items (art, antiques, jewelry and so forth), we recommend that you have these items insured.  Speak with your insurance agent about the details.

5. Organize the details of your move.
Your Village Manager can offer names of local companies that have experience with moving residents into their new homes at Oxford Crest. Many movers offer supplemental services such as packing, unpacking and storage, so enquire with them about these services if you need them.

Confirm the actual move-in date with your movers.

6. Finalize the details.
Your Village Manager will inform you of which utilities will be needed for your new home. Be sure to arrange for your utilities well in advance and have the companies connect the service a few days before your move-in date, if possible.

Complete a "Change of Address" form through your post office a week or two prior to your move date. Check with your Village Manager if you are unsure of your new address.

Transfer your newspaper and magazine subscriptions to your new address. Magazines often take longer to process address changes. Be sure to indicate the effective date of your move.

Make arrangements for any pets (if permitted) to be transported to your new home.

Refill all medications. If you are moving out of your neighborhood, have your current pharmacist provide you with the procedure for forwarding prescription information to your new pharmacist.

If you are having your belongings packed professionally, schedule a day for the packers to come to your home.  Packing usually will be done one or two days prior to your move. Remember that certain items should remain in your control and that you should plan to pack and transport irreplaceable valuables, sentimental items and personal documents yourself.

7. Moving day.

  • Pack a small bag that contains your medications, pen, pad of paper, address book, bottled water, small telephone, bathroom tissue and basic kitchen utensils. Carry these items with you so you will have them when you arrive at your new home.
  • Take one final walk through your home to ensure that all belongings have been packed and loaded by the mover.
  • Once you have arrived at your new home, instruct the movers where to place your furniture. If you have prepared a furniture layout of your home, provide them with a copy.
  • Make sure the mover assembles your bed and any other pieces of furniture that require assembly.  This is typically part of a mover's basic service.
  • Verify that your telephone service has been connected and you have a dial tone. Connect a phone to the jack and make sure Oxford Crest staff has your telephone number.
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and feeling well.
  • Explore your new home and neighbourhood.
  • Transfer your banking. Close old accounts, open new ones, fill out signature cards, order cheques and transfer the contents of your safe deposit box.
  • Decorate your new home with your favourite photos and other treasures.
  • Get to know the staff of your Oxford Crest community and advise them of any special needs or concerns you may have.
  • Tour the community and familiarize yourself with all of the amenities that are yours to enjoy.
  • Introduce yourself to some of your new neighbours. Before you know it, you will meet other residents who share your interests.
  • Attend the social programs offered, including events for newcomers.

That is it! Congratulations on making a smart move!.