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Oxford Crest and You



Maybe you have considered simplifying your life. You've wondered if moving to a seniors community might be the answer. Yet, despite all the attractive services and amenities that these communities offer, you keep saying to yourself, "I'm not ready yet."

You are not alone. Most people begin exploring senior living with just that thought in mind. But many who ultimately make the decision to move will tell you, "I wish I hadn't waited so long!"

At Oxford Crest, we pride ourselves on providing a unique combination of comfortable, friendly communities and quality, affordable services. We think you will love living at one of our communities. But our first concern is that you make the right choice-for you and for your family.

Prospective residents and family members have many questions about community living, as well as about Oxford Crest and our independent senior communities. The questions below are some that we hear frequently, and we hope they will begin to paint a
picture of your options.

We know that you have many more questions, so we encourage you to contact the community of your choice. The team there will be happy to provide answers and additional insights!

1. What is the difference between a seniors rental community like Oxford Crest and a nursing home or aged care facility?

A seniors rental community provides a resident with a combination of housing, food and other services in return for a fortnightly fee. Rental communities offer financial flexibility to older adults. No entrance fee is required, and residents are free to invest their savings as they choose. Residents typically sign a lease for one or more years, depending on the community and the resident's personal circumstances.

A nursing home or aged care facility provides a resident with a combination of housing, food and health care services in return for a monthly fee and, in many cases, an entrance fee.  Many facilities have on-site care centres that feature assisted living and skilled nursing care for residents. Residents are usually required to meet the community's health requirements.

2. Why should I choose Oxford Crest?

A leader and innovator in senior living since 2000, Oxford Crest brings to our communities service and attention to detail. Residents benefit from Oxford Crest's experience. Most importantly, each employee is committed to our mission and to our core values of integrity, compassion and excellence.


3. What is the minimum age to move to an Oxford Crest community?

While some villages have minimum age limits for residents, the actual average age varies from community to community and can range from age 60 to age 85.


4. What kinds of units are available?

Each Oxford Crest community consists of one-bedroom units in a variety of layouts for both singles and couples. Some furnishings may be available, depending upon the unit. Visit your nearest Oxford Crest community to see just how comfortable community life can be.


5. How will I ever fit my furniture into my new unit?

We realise how complex and stressful it can be to relocate your home, so we've compiled a Moving Checklist to help make it more manageable. In addition, floor layouts are available from the Village Manager to assist you in choosing how to decorate your new home.


6. Do you allow pets?

Many of our units allow cats, small dogs, birds or fish, at the discretion of management.  Contact the community of your choice to learn more.

7. Can I expect increases in the fees?

Charges can be fixed for 12 months and will increase at the anniversary of your lease. You can rest assured that the combined cost of rent, food and services will never exceed 85% of a single person's aged pension.

8. How will I meet new people when I move in?

Our residents are friendly, outgoing people and remember what it was like when they first moved in, so many will probably approach you when they notice a new face.  Communities often have social events to welcome newcomers, and your community's Village Manager should be able to help you settle right in, too.

9. Are there assigned seats in the dining room?

Although some people choose to sit at the same table or with the same friends at lunch, we do not assign seats in our dining rooms.

10. Can I entertain guests?

You are welcome to invite your friends and family to dine with you at the community. An additional charge will apply, and advance reservations are requested.  You can also reserve the community's clubhouse for special celebrations.

11. What kinds of activities do you have?

Oxford Crest communities offer a wide range of programs and events that residents enjoy because they fulfil the desire to remain socially, intellectually, physically and spiritually involved.

Whether it is excursions to local shopping centres, walking groups, craft or games groups, or parties for special events, you will be able to pursue your interests and discover new ones at Oxford Crest.

Activities vary by community, so please call the community in which you are interested for more information.

12. Do you offer assisted living?

Oxford Crest support community and government support groups included Blue Care, HomeCare and HACC to ensure residents are able to live in their units for as long as they wish, regardless of their limitations.

While we do not provide assisted living care directly ourselves, we work alongside these groups to ensure residents are comfortable and well looked after.